Saltwater Aquariums Without the Tank


Going to the Dentist just got more relaxing!

Dentist Case Study:

Isle Smile Dentistry of Key West, Florida is using the UNtanked Aquarium Systems as Aquarium Therapy for patients

Each patient room is equipped with an UNtanked Virtual Aquarium System that presents beautiful tropical fish on the coral reef, filmed in their natural environment, without human interaction. The same system was featured at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. for World Ocean Day. Patients can sit back and relax while viewing the aquarium via a curved glass monitor. Wireless headphones complete the experience with soothing, therapeutic  music cutting out background noises such as drilling and other dental equipment.

Per dentist, Dr. Sandy Pape, “We have seen a reduction in the blood pressure and anxiety levels of our patients since we started using the aquariums. The patients love the distraction. We love the ocean here in the Florida Keys and love the thought of saltwater aquariums, but did not want the expense, maintenance or negative impact on the reef. We are excited to be the very first dental practice in the entire country to provide this environmentally friendly aquarium experience for our patients.”

See below newspaper story on UNtanked and how a local dentist is using it help relax patients as Aquarium Therapy.

Click here to download Key West Citizen news story on UNtanked (PDF document)

Get UNtanked for your office

Get an UNtanked for your office today, and let your patients enjoy a one of a kind, breathtaking natural aquarium experience while they are being treated or when they are waiting. Dental treatment will become more pleasant and a enjoyable experience for the pediatric and adult dental patients alike, thanks to the UNtanked aquarium system.

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