Saltwater Aquariums Without the Tank


Saltwater Aquarium Without Water for Dental Practices!

Anxiety in the Dental Office

Dentistry has, in the past and present, been associated, with pain. Although modern dentistry has come a long way, a general fear still prevails.

Alleviating Anxiety naturally

Modern dentistry recognizes that almost every patient does have a measure of anxiety when he or she enters the dental office. Dental offices always take special measures to make their environments comfortable, pleasant, and friendly in order to alleviate patient anxiety. These include interior decoration schemes, beautiful and comfortable furniture, toys for children, magazines and newspapers, and aquariums. Aquariums are particularly advantageous, because they are beautiful, present natural life scenes with multicolored fish moving about playfully and nibbling at the feed provided. Visitors of all ages enjoy looking at the fish in the aquarium while they are waiting for their turn. Children enjoy the aquatic scenes especially.

The Scientific Evidence

This general observation has also been confirmed by numerous scientific studies. It has been proven by study that looking at an aquarium or a video projection of a live fish has a definite effect towards alleviating patient anxiety and relaxing individuals.

However, maintaining an aquarium in a dental office has multiple issues. Aquariums contain live fish and other aquatic animals. Thus regular, dedicated care is needed. Conditions inside the tank must always remain right for life of the fish. Clean water must be pumped at a predetermined rate. Pumps for these must be kept in working order without ever failing. Fish are live, and must be given something to feed on in a natural manner. Also, inside and outside of the tank, cleaning must be done.  These things need constant attention, that is neither easy nor cost-effective for a member of the dental profession to perform. A professional service is required and is very expensive and constant. And then there are environmental concerns about taking and confining these fish out of their natural habitat.

The Solution

UNtanked was created to be the best alternative to a live aquarium and have all the benefits without any of the on going costs or maintenance issues.

The UNtanked Virtual Aquarium

UNtanked is a unique product, so special that is was featured at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. for Worlds Ocean Day. UNtanked is produced under special permits issued by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and projected in stunning 4K ultra high definition quality. You will be able to observe fish and other marine life in their natural habitat, as NO humans were present when UNtanked was being produced. Underwater stages with special 4K, Ultra High Definition Video Cameras were placed and left to capture the real underwater world.

The UNtanked System

To have an UNtanked virtual aquarium, all you need is a flat screen. Just plug the special UNtanked player into the TV and UNtanked will start and run continuously on its own and repeat after approx 2 hours. You are free of all concerns about maintaining live fish and the associated care.

We also include a 10 page pdf that was created by Marine Biologists working for NOAA in Hawaii. This 10 page document contains all 60 different fish species as well as corals with not only a photograph, but both the Hawaiian name as well as the Scientific Name to help identify everything you will see. Your Patients Will Love It!

Get UNtanked for your office

Get an UNtanked for your office today, and let your patients enjoy a one of a kind, breathtaking natural aquarium experience while they are being treated or when they are waiting. Dental treatment will become more pleasant and a enjoyable experience for the pediatric and adult dental patients alike, thanks to the UNtanked aquarium system.

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