Saltwater Aquariums Without the Tank

UNtanked Aquarium

4K, Ultra High Definition Player

UNtanked Aquarium

UNtanked Aquarium and shipping box

Turn any flat screen TV into a beautiful, plug and play, ready to enjoy saltwater aquarium…water not required.
Natures Best Aquarium, without the environmental impact!

UNtanked Player, less than 4 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick

The UNtanked player can be attached to the back of any flat screen TV and will be totally hidden!


ONLY 3 Steps to turn any flat screen TV into the best saltwater aquarium

  1. Plug included HDMI cable from UNtanked Player into rear of TV
  2. Plug included UNtanked Power Supply into wall outlet
  3. Turn On TV, That’s it!

UNtanked will automatically turn on and start, after 2 hours of various UNtanked scenes, UNtanked will automatically restart and loop, no interaction ever needed!





Below are some of the tropical fish and corals that you will see in your UNtanked aquarium. You would never find this variety or amount of fish species in any traditional aquarium.


  • Achilles Tang
  • Arc-eye Hawkfish
  • Bird Wrasse
  • Black Triggerfish
  • Blackfin Chromis
  • Blackside Hawkfish
  • Blacktail Snapper
  • Bluefin Trevally
  • Bluespine Unicornfish
  • Boxfishes
  • Brighteye Damsel
  • Butterflyfishes
  • Cauliflower Coral
  • Convict Tang
  • Damselfishes
  • Evermann’s Coral
  • Fourspot Butterflyfish
  • Goatfish
  • Gold-ring Surgeonfish
  • Goldsaddle Goatfish
  • Hawaiian Gregory
  • Hawaiian Spotted Boxfish
  • Humuhumu nukunuku apu ‘a
  • Indo-Pacific Sergeant
  • Island Goatfish
  • Lavender Tang
  • Lei Triggerfish
  • Lobe Coral
  • Long-Spined Urchin
  • Orange-band Surgeonfish
  • Orangespine Unicornfish
  • Ornate Butterflyfish
  • Palenose Parrotfish
  • Parrotfishes
  • Peacock Grouper
  • Pebble Collector Urchin
  • Pinktail Triggerfish
  • Raccoon Butterflyfish kīkākapu
  • Rare long-nose Butterflyfish
  • Red Pencil Urchin
  • Redlip Parrotfish
  • Ringtail Surgeonfish
  • Ringtail Wrasse
  • Rock-boring Urchin
  • Saddle Wrasse
  • Saddleback Butterflyfish
  • Sailfin Tang
  • Sea urchins (Echinometridae)
  • Seabasses/Groupers
  • Sidespot Goatfish
  • Snapper
  • Stony coral
  • Surgeonfishes
  • Threadfin Butterflyfish
  • Trevallys
  • Triggerfishes
  • Wedgetail Triggerfish
  • Whitebar Surgeonfish
  • Wrasses
  • Yellow Tang
  • And much more!

Complete System Includes Everything You Need, Just add TV:

  • UNtanked 4K UHD Video Player
  • Power supply
  • HDMI cable
  • UNtanked Hawaii (the very same tank that was showcased at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C.)