Saltwater Aquariums Without the Tank


Below are the costs that Bloomberg.com quoted on their published article titled

“The Real Cost of a Saltwater Aquarium: Recreating the Ocean”

Bloomberg’s The Real Cost of Saltwater Aquarium: $17,334!

According to the Bloomberg .com article, the list below is what the article writes what a small 90 gallon saltwater aquarium will cost you and what items you will need to get, the article breaks down every element you need with costs and running tally.

Books and other literature that you should get:

$36: The Conscientious Marine Aquarist

$90: The Reef Aquarium, Vol. 3: Science, Art and Technology

$20: Join Marine Aquarium Societies of North America

$0: Visit ReefKeeping.com, ReefCentral.com, Reefs.org

Bloomberg’s Running Tally: $146.00

The Saltwater Tank (remember this is only for a 90 gallon tank)

$1,200: 90-gallon Monterey tank, stand, cabinet, glass top, canopy.

$12: Self-adhesive solid black or royal blue background.

Bloomberg’s Running Tally: $1,358

Live Rock.

$809: 90 pounds of cured live rock

Bloomberg’s Running Tally: $2,167

Live Sand.

$140: 80 pounds of live marine sand

Bloomberg’s Running Tally: $2,307

Mixing Saltwater for a Saltwater Aquarium.

$350: Setup by two technicians

$260: Spectrapure 90 Gallons Per Day RO/DI unit to create deionized water that is mixed with salt

$140: Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Sea Salt (two buckets will last a year)

$140: Additional salt for saltwater creation throughout the year

Bloomberg’s Running Tally: $3,197

Saltwater Aquarium lighting.

$1,500: two 18-inch Acan Lighting 600 Series Prism LED Lighting Fixtures

Bloomberg’s Running Tally: $4,697

Clean Up Crew – A clean up crew is a group of invertebrates that are kept in a saltwater aquarium for the sole propose of consuming algae, detritus and uneaten fish foods.

$162: Algae Attack Pack-Deluxe for 75-gallon tank (includes mix of 65 Hermit Crabs, 30 snails, 3 Abalone) — liveaquaria.com

$50: Blue Linckia Starfish

$50: Red Fromia Starfish

$120: Red Crinoid (Feather Star)

Bloomberg’s Running Tally: $5,079


$65: Sinularia Leather Coral

$375: Acanthastrea Lordhowensis

$150: Orange-eye Favia

$175: Branching Green Hammer Coral

$150: Bleeding Apple Scolymia

$200: Wellsophyllia Brain Coral

$250: Blue-Eye Lobophyllia Brain Coral

$70: Orange Cycloseris Plate Coral

$80: Dendrophyllia/Tubastrea (nonphotosynthetic)

$80: Green Slimer Acropora

$80: Red Planet Acropora

$200: Orange Capricornis Montipora

$100: Micromussa

$130: Seriatopora (Birdsnest Coral)

$50: Stylophora

$125: Pulsing Xenia

Bloomberg’s Running Tally: $7,359

Fish and Invertebrates.

$100: Pseudochromis springeri (wild specimen)

$100: Helfrichi Firefish

$250: Purple Tang

$250: pair of Onyx Percula Clownfish

$300: Scott’s Fairy Wrasse

$20: Blue/Green Reef Chromis

$40: Green Mandarin Dragonet

$250: Chevron Tang

$1,000: Earli Wrasse

$50: Yellow Watchman Goby/Tiger Pistol Shrimp pair

Bloomberg’s Running Tally: $9,719


$20: Brightwell Aquatics Lugol’s Solution (iodine to detoxify excess oxygen)

$20: Brightwell Aquatics Liquid Reef (to promote growth of corals)

$20: Two Little Fishies Marine Snow (filterfeeder food for certain corals and invertebrates)

$50: Red Sea Reef Energy A & B (amino acids and carbohydrates)

$170: Zeovit Pohl’s Xtra (to enhance the contrast and intensity of coral color and increase growth)

$780: After initial setup, additional cost for one year

Bloomberg’s Running Tally: $10,779

Fish Food.

$19: Kent Marine Nautilus Sea Squirt Feeding Prong

$12: Frozen Piscine Energetics Mysis Shrimp cubes

$6: Frozen San Francisco Bay Marine Cuisine cubes

$15: Frozen Argent Cyclop-eeze (for fish and corals)

$15: Hikari Marine-A dry pellets

$20: Brightwell Aquatics Garlic Power food soak (to stimulate eating and reinforce immune system)

$13: Brightwell Aquatics AminOmega food soak

$20: Brightwell Aquatics Vitamarin-M Multivitamin Supplement

$723: After initial setup, additional cost for one year

Bloomberg’s Running Tally: $11,622

Saltwater Aquarium Equipment

$1,100: Precision Marine 36″ x 18″ Reef Sump ($600), Iwaki 55 RLT Water Pump ($500)

$860: Diablo 2500 Protein Skimmer by CoralVue ($500), 25-watt Ultraviolet Sterilizer ($360)

$135: Quiet One 1200 Water Pump ($60), plumbing supplies ($50), grounding probe ($25)

$45: Eheim Jaeger 300-watt Aquarium Heater

$870: MTC Calcium Reactor ($700), CO2 canister ($170; 5 lbs.)

$1,400: Coralife 1/4 HP Chiller ($1,200), Pressure regulator ($200)

$110: Mag Drive 500-GPH Water Pump

$795: Ecotech MP40 Wireless Powerhead ($475), Ecotech MP10 Wireless Powerhead ($320)

$100: Two 30-gallon HDPE water barrels with tops with bung holes to change 25 percent of the water every month — globalindustrial.com

$12: Mag-Float aquarium glass cleaner to remove excess algae

Bloomberg’s Running Tally: $17,049

Saltwater Aquarium Water Parameter Testing

$60: Red Sea Marine Master Lab Test Kit

$60: Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Test Kit

$10: Seachem Marine Buffer (pH buffer keeps the pH high enough with dissolved mineral content for the fish)

$130: Refractometer (measures the salinity of the water)

$25: Digital thermometer

Bloomberg’s Running Tally: $17,334

Bloomberg’s The Real Cost of Saltwater Aquarium: $17,334!

Please note this only included 11 fish in the aquarium, UNtanked has thousands of fish with over 100 different species and ZERO maintenance or monthly costs!